Thursday, April 25, 2013

Digital Technology and Brain Health by 2020 - Are You Ready?

Here's an interesting infographic from SHARPBRAINS.  They estimate that the global digital healthcare market revenue will grow by over 500% to $6B between 2012 and 2020.  

Here's the kicker, 73% of 3,000 decision makers and early adopters agree that digital technologies can significantly compliment other behavioral and drug-based interventions.  The next 10 years are going to be very interesting....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Therapeutic Alternatives - Consider Mobile Apps

If you're not already a reader, here's a great website with an RSS feed of regular articles about mobile devices in health care.  There are even some articles about mobile devices and stroke rehabilitation but the list is still too short.  Many still don't consider mobile devices or mobile apps when exploring alternatives for stroke rehabilitation.

The Stroke Wise Blog has a great list of iPad apps that can be used in stroke or TBI rehabilitation-

Also look at what we're doing at the mindMender Project.  Our recent game, Traffic Controller, was developed specifically for stroke and TBI patients by incorporating:
  1. Uncluttered and easy to navigate screens
  2. User controlled levels of difficulty
  3. Graph of scores over time to show progress
  4. (Future) Apple Game Center integration
  5. (Future) Option to email or print graph showing progress
Successful rehabilitation gives the patient a sense of autonomy, competence and social recognition. Our game is designed so that the patient is in charge by playing the game unassisted.  They can quickly gain competence by choosing the level of play that fits their current skill level.  And lastly, when we incorporate the Apple Game Center in the next release, they will be able to share their scores and accomplishments with other players.

The next time you're looking for therapeutic alternatives think mobile - there might be an app for that.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Struggling to find games for brain injury patients?

Are you looking for a game to augment therapy for your stroke or TBI patients?

Have you been struggling to use games in therapy that aren't really  designed for users with brain injuries? 

Are you finding most games for the iPad too difficult for unassisted use?

Traffic Controller from the mindMender Project is designed for use by various levels of stroke and TBI patients to help recover fine and gross motor functionality. Some unique features are:

  • It is specifically designed for stroke and TBI survivors
  • Scores are graphed over time to show progress
  • The interface is uncluttered and promotes unassisted use

You all our iPad apps at

All the best,